The innate and adaptive immune responses cooperate to protect the body against disease. The innate system is immediately activated against diseased cells but is less targeted than the delayed adaptive response that occurs later.

T cells – a potent component of the adaptive response – modified with chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) are an innovative, highly effective cancer treatment. However, CAR T-cell therapy has several disadvantages:

  • Patient-specific CAR-T cells require a lengthy preparation period. During that time, the disease continues to progress, and the patient’s prognosis worsens.
  • Cancer cells often produce proteins that enable them to evade T-cell detection and survive the immune response.
  • T-cell treatment triggers negative side effects, such as graft-versus-host disease.

At CytoImmune Therapeutics, we believe treatments that involve innate and adaptive cells with varied therapeutic modifications may circumvent these drawbacks, engineering a more cohesive strategy that better mimics the body’s natural immune response.


CytoImmune’s CoalesceNT™ platform creates a dynamic immune response by equipping innate natural killer (NK) cells and adaptive T cells with CARs and bispecific antibodies (biAbs). CARs and biAbs use different methods to improve the ability of immune cells to specifically target diseased cells.

The CoalesceNT™ platform combines NK- and T-cell immunotherapy. In contrast with T cells – which require extensive preparation before a patient can begin treatment – commercial NK cells have been clinically approved, creating “off-the-shelf” accessibility. Patients can begin NK cell-based treatments almost immediately following diagnosis.

This combination of NK- and T-cell therapy can be optimized according to the patient’s specific needs.

FLT3 CAR-NK Cells Inhibit the Growth of Human AML in Mice


The coordinated CoalesceNT™ approach offers several benefits:

  • Expedited time to treatment: Commercially available, clinically approved NK cell lines enable patients to begin treatment with CytoImmune CAR and biAb targets nearly immediately. Reduced time-to-treatment can be the difference between life or death in aggressive disease states, such as cancer.
  • Disease-specific targeting with limited off-target effects: The combination of CAR and biAb technology serves as a two-fold guidance system, targeting diseased cells and sparing healthy ones.
  • A physiologically relevant response: The CoalesceNT™ platform provides a dynamic response that reflects natural immune activation (i.e., NK-cell initiation, followed by T-cell stimulation).
  • Optimizable dosing: Therapies that combine NK and T cells with CAR and biAb technology offer dynamic opportunities for personalized treatment optimization.